Friday, June 22, 2007

Short Update

This is just a quick update, because I didn't get the time last night to blog about the game experiences I had. Real life got in the way of gaming until later in the evening, and I used the time I had to try to work my way through what remained of Zelda II. The one thing I wanted to bring your attention to was this comment, left by prodigious commenter JohnH:

"The dungeon you made appear by playing the Flute is Level 6. After that one only the Grand Palace is left, one of the more diabolical areas of all Zelda games. In the original FDS version, side 'B' contained the main game: the overworld, all the encounters, the palaces, and so on. Side 'A' contained the title screen -and the final dungeon-. This explains somewhat why most of the enemies there have different looks, and some different behaviors, from the rest of the game; they had almost an entire disk side to devote to it!"

He really wasn't kidding or exaggerating about this. As you can clearly infer, I'm now up to the Grand Palace (the full account, and I sincerely hope the conclusion, will be up later today), and am working my way through its depths. I'll leave most of the detail for the post later today, but the enemies are aggravating and look and act completely differently from any of the others I've faced until now. John's comments on the palace taking up nearly one side of a disk makes perfect sense, because it's huge compared to the other palaces.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to address a few people in the comments, who've asked what games I intend to play for this blog. Here's the list I have right now (and is subject to change):

The Legend of Zelda - NES
The Adventure of Link - NES
A Link to the Past - SNES
Link's Awakening - Game Boy
The Ocarina of Time - N64
The Ocarina of Time (Master Quest) - Gamecube
Majora's Mask - N64
Oracle of Ages - Game Boy Color
Oracle of Seasons - Game Boy Color
A Link to the Past/Four Swords - GBA
Four Swords Adventures - Gamecube
The Wind Waker - Gamecube
The Minish Cap - GBA
Twilight Princess - Wii/Gamecube (I'll be playing the Wii version)
Phantom Hourglass - DS (not yet released)

I'd like to ask the following questions of you, because I don't really know the answer to these.

1. Does it make sense to play both the Ocarina of Time and the Master Quest? My understanding of these games is that the Overworld is the same, and the major differences are in the dungeons. Is that truly the case? If so, blogging both games back to back would be pretty boring for you guys, since the posts would be the same, except for my accounts of completing the dungeons. Although, if what I understand about the two games is true (the dungeons are the main difference), I could conceivably play both games simultaneously, on similar paths, and blog about the dungeon differences at the same time. What are your thoughts?

2. I've listed the GBA Link to the Past/4 Swords game as one that I'll complete. If I'm going to complete the SNES LttP and the Cube 4 Swords, are there enough differences in the GBA versions of those two games (especially differences that I can experience solo) to warrant me playing through it?

Yet again, a huge thanks goes out to all of you who read this, because there were almost 11,000 hits to the blog on Wednesday (enough to get Blogging Zelda into the 'Blogs of Note' section on Blogspot). Seeing things like that and receiving such great comments really makes me want to keep playing and posting. :) In that vein, if you haven't read any of the comments on the blog yet, I highly recommend doing so, as there's a wealth of information contained in some of them, and just generally a great group of people there.

I'll be back later today to hopefully post the final installment for Zelda II, so until then take care and be safe!

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