Sunday, June 17, 2007

Adventure of Link, Part 2

A quiet Saturday proved to be a good time to get back to Hyrule and make some progress in the Adventure of Link. My last post proved to be extremely wordy, and hopefully you didn't get too bored reading it. I'll do my best to be a bit less wordy, but still provide a similar level of detail on the events of my gaming sessions, as the last thing I want to do is to put anyone who reads this to sleep. As before, the comments from everyone are greatly appreciated, and please keep them coming. And without further ado, back to the game!

I returned to Hyrule after finding Bagu in the woods north of Saria, so the next logical step was to take Bagu's note to the river guard and see where that led. The river guard, after reading the note, let me pass to the other side of the river. After leaving town, I found myself confronted with a cave going into a mountain. Being the intrepid hunter that I am, I ventured into the cave, and emerged into a veritable maze of different caves leading through the mountain, each of them containing a differnt challenge in the form of creatures to fight. Some of the caves led to dead ends, and it became painfully obvious that I was overmatched at this point, as I died quite often, although I did manage to gain a level in attack in the process. After having to restart and travel back at least once, I did pick my way through the caves and, when presented with the choice of the cave on the left and a cave on the right that seemed to lead to a path on the overworld, I chose the right path. It eventually led me to a large graveyard, and following the path past the graveyard, to the harbor town of Mido.

I'm not actually sure that I should have been approaching Mido from this angle, because access to Mido had been restricted by a large boulder in the path in the overworld. Nevertheless, I took the opportunity to explore the town. I found a woman asking me to find medicine for her sick daughter, which I clearly had not found yet, as she wouldn't let me into her home at the time. There was also a church in town with an open door on the second level, which I accessed by casting the Jump spell. Inside I found a knight who taught me the downstab move . This move makes many fights easier, as it allows for attacking enemies from above (press the jump button and hold down causes you to hold your sword down for a stab attack). Also, being so close to another level up, I spent a bit of time fighting beasts in the area of the town, taking advantage of the life and magic refills available, to gain a life level. Ever so slowly, my character is becoming less prone to dying constantly, because he can take more damage, as well as dish more out, making life expectancy a bit longer.

Getting a clue in Midos to go back to Ruto and talk to Error, one of the townspeople, I saved the game and restarted back in the princess' palace. I traveled to Ruto and spoke to Error, who gave me a clue about a tunnel south of King's Tomb. This is in reference to a grave in the graveyard near Midos separated from the others by road squares. Remembering something about the fact that I probably wasn't ready for this challenge, and getting the distinct feeling I'd done something out of order going to Midos when I did, I decided to do some more exploring in the areas near Saria, to see if there's anything I missed. While exploring the swamp north of the river and just southwest of Ruto (separated from this area by another boulder in the road), I stumbled upon a palace. Hmmm, I wonder if I should have done this already? Oh well, better late than never, so in I went.

Exploration of this palace proved quite fruitful, as I discovered the Glove and gained an attack level before dying and having to start again (notice how many times I'm dying?). Upon my second assault on this palace, I traveled the rest of the way to the boss, a knight in blue armor having trouble keeping his helmet on. Whenever I whacked at his head, something would fly off. Eventually, he stood before me with a bald white bare head, and after bouncing on top of him a few times (thanks, downstab!), he coughed up a key that opened the door to the statue in the palace. I threw another jewel into a hole in the statue's forehead, and promptly warped out of the dungeon, which was now a pile of rock in the middle of the swamp. Completing this palace profited me in the form of a magic level as well (the completion of your current level's XP requirements when putting the jewel in the statue).

Feeling a bit more confident, and knowing I was definitely more powerful than before, I tackled the tunnels south of Saria again, and this time took the left tunnel at the end of the road, where the sandy area and small graveyard existed. After a fairly difficult battle through tunnels teeming with what looked like Goofy brandishing axes, I made it to the end of this tunnel system where the Hammer waited for me. Excellent, something I remember what it's used for! This is the item that opens up passages in the overworld blocked by boulders. At this point I promptly saved the game, which (as I think back upon it now) might have been a mistake. If memory serves me correctly, just to the left of the tunnel in the overworld that I entered to find the Hammer is a block I could break (I think). I'll have to go back and check this out, if only to satisfy my curiosity.

After restarting from the beginning, and traveling back to the area I'm currently in, I explored a cave in the swamp previously unavailable to me because of the boulder in the front. After crunching the boulder with the hammer and making my way through the tunnel behind it, I found what I assumed to be the medicine for the old woman's daughter in Midos. After leaving that cave, I immediately traveled to Midos to test this theory. Success! The old woman let me into the house, where I found (shockingly) a wise man waiting to teach me some new magic, in this case the Fairy spell.

Something clicked in my brain that this spell might be useful in that tunnel south of King's Tomb, so that was my next destination. My brain didn't fail me this time (apparently there's a first time for everything!) as there indeed was a ledge too high even for Jump to scale, so after changing into a fairy I flew through to the next screen. After making my way through this tunnel, I found myself on an island with a palace, which I immediately went to investigate. It didn't take long for me to find myself on the wrong end of an Ironknuckle sword and die. However, all was not bad, because as I made my way back to the island palace, I found and explored a cave blocked by a boulder just southeast of Rauru, which netted me a heart container, woohoo!

My return to the island palace proved much more successful, as I made it all the way through, at least as far as I know. It seems that this palace is not a regular palace, with a statue at the end, because all I found was a blue Ironknuckle boss, guarding the entrance to a room containing the Raft. Also, when I left the palace, it didn't turn to stone. If anyone has any insight into this (am I crazy, and missed something or is this really not a regular palace?), I'd appreciate a comment...

Anyhow, moving on. Taking my new toy to the dock near Midos, I traveled across the ocean to a new shore. Running for my life and hoping to find some sort of civilization, I did manage to get to the town of Nabooru. This town provided one of the funniest (and easiest) challenges, if you can even call it that, to complete. I found a girl who was thirsty. Walking about 10 steps to her left, I found a fountain, and when I pressed the button near it, I got (you guessed it) some water, which I promptly delivered, all 10 steps back, to the thirsty girl. She showed her gratitude by taking me to meet Santa Claus...oops, wrong story. She brought me to the town wise man, who taught me the Fire spell. This is an extremely useful spell, being a low magic cost, and necessary to defeat many enemies, including the ones in the wilderness surrounding Nabooru. Also while in the town, I found a house with only a bat in it. Jumping up to the bat as a person netted me only a "...." response. However, flying up to the bat as a fairy garnered me a clue about finding a heart over the ocean.

Back outside of town, in a manner similar to that as I used at Midos, I earned enough experience to increase my magic level by defeating the spider-type creatures around the town (they were invincible to everything except fireballs, from the handy Fire spell). After doing this, I traveled north through a cave in the mountain, which eventually led me to the mountain town of Darunia. In the town, I used the Jump spell to get up on top of a roof on a home, and go down the chimney. I was tipped off when, while jumping my way through the town, I bumped my head on a solid roof. The only time a house in town has a solid roof is when you can walk on it. After dropping down the chimney, I found myself in the home of a knight, who (instead of throwing me out or calling the authorities and arresting me for breaking and entering) taught me the upstab move.

At this point, real life intruded once again, and I had to sheath my sword for the time being. However, I feel that the day was a huge success, based on the amount I accomplished. I hope you enjoy my accounts, and stay tuned for further updates in my quest to defeat Ganon (again). Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon!

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