Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quick Housekeeping Notes

First of all, there will be a new post this evening, and I'm sorry for the delay in between posts. You see, yesterday was my birthday, so I spent the past couple of days celebrating with family and friends. Tonight will be my opportunity to get back to Zelda, and I plan to devote a decent amount of time to the game. I sincerely hope to get through at least two more dungeons this evening, and recount my experiences after that.

Second, a huge thank you to everyone who's left comments so far, and I encourage anyone who reads to leave comments. I've learned a lot from reading the comments, and the interaction has been a lot of fun. One thing you'll notice now if you do leave a comment is that I've started comment moderation, to allow people who aren't registered with Blogger to post (at the request of some readers). My apologies go out in advance, because now (to help reduce spam comments) I've activated the word recognition feature, which is a pain, but necessary in today's atmosphere of spamming anything that isn't locked down. I'll be moderating the comments frequently throughout the day, to keep everything as current as possible.

Once again, thanks to everyone for reading this blog. I can't tell you how much fun it's been to do something like this, and know that there are people reading and enjoying what I've done. I promise to do my part to keep things interesting and fun, and I hope to see you all back here regularly.

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