Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Unexcused Absence

I appreciate everyone's patience with me! Real life has reared its very busy head, and I haven't had the time to sit down with Zelda. Being a professional has its perks, but sometimes has its downsides as well. My company has become really busy of late and work is taking up much of my free time. I do intend to get back to Link to the Past, especially with how close I am to completion. It will happen, I promise! :)

Another thing that's taking some time, and something that I'm really excited about, is the fact that my wife and I found out that we're going to be the parents of twins! It has nothing to do with Zelda, but I'm so excited I have to tell everyone. It's thrilling, scary, and fun all at the same time. We've got a while before the blessed event (most likely sometime in January), but I've been working a lot to help save up for all the things we're going to need. Combine that with work picking up, and it's been quite a whirlwind!

Anyway, I appreciate everyone hanging in there, and I'm going to try to carve out some time this weekend (going to work at least one day of it) to finish up Link to the Past and post about it. Thanks again for reading and you'll see something new here soon!


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  2. Now I get why my kids love this game so much