Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Getting Started

Starting the Game

Starting a New Game

Selection screen
Before you begin, you must first enter your name in one of the three save slots. Press Select until the heart is next to "REGISTER YOUR NAME" and press Start. Use the Select button to line up the heart with the Link that you wish to name. Enter a name of up to eight letters using the control pad to select a letter and the A button to enter it. Once you have registered your name, line up the heart with "REGISTER END" and press Start.

Erasing an Old Game

Press Select until the heart is next to "ELIMINATION MODE" and press Start. Use Select to move the heart next to the Link that you wish to erase and press the Start button. This will erase that name. Move the heart to "ELIMINATION END" and press Start again. This permanently erases all the data for the Link selected so use with caution.

Continue a Saved Game

On the selection screen, you can select a saved game to continue. Certain information can be seen from the selection screen. This information includes the save file's name, the total number of heart containers collected so far, which ring, if any, that save file's Link is wearing, and the number of times Link has died for that save file. If Link is holding a sword, it means the save file in question is in the middle of the second quest.

Game Over Options

If you want to continue the game, choose "CONTINUE" with the Select button and press Start. You will begin with three full heart containers, either at the starting point of the Overworld, or the entrance to the particular dungeon that you died in in the Underworld, with all of your possessions in tact.
If you are done for the time being, choose "SAVE" with the Select button and press Start. All information about your accomplishments will be stored and retained until the next time you play.
If you want to forget about all of your accomplishments since the last time you saved the game, choose "RETRY" with the Select button and press Start. When you continue next, you will continue exactly the same way you continued last time.

The Screen


The top portion of the screen can only be seen when you pause the game using the Start button. When you press the Start button, the screen will scroll up and the normal portion of the screen will drop away. On the sub-screen, you can see which items you currently possess in your inventory. Items which appear above the blue box are use automatically. Only one item in the blue box can be assigned for use with the B button, and you can only change this assignment by switching to the sub-screen. In the Overworld, the lower portion of the sub-screen shows you how many pieces of the Triforce you have collected so far. In the Underworld, you are shown a map of your current progress through a dungeon. Only rooms which you have visited are indicated on the sub-screen map, even if you have collected the dungeon map item.

 Status Bar

The status bar can be seen in both modes, at the bottom of the sub-screen, and the top of the normal view. On the left, you will see your general position in the Overworld, or your position in the Underworld against a map if you have collected the dungeon map item. You can also see how many rupees, keys, and bombs you currently possess. You can see which item is currently assigned to the B button, as well as which power of sword you are using with the A button. Lastly, you can see your total remaining life as well as the total number of heart containers you have collected.

Normal View

Below the status bar is where the action of the game takes place. You can view the area in the Overworld that you are currently located in, or the room of the dungeon that you are currently located in the Underworld.

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